Modern technology is our passion.

Coral specializes in electric installations, telecommunications engineering and intelligent buildings.

Quick technical progress and well qualified staff ensure development of the company.

We want our present and future customers to feel that they cooperate with the best.

The best quality measure of our work is our customers’ satisfaction.

Here is our offer.




Coral obtains business license from the Ministry of the Interior and Administration for electronic security systems


First structured wiring installations


First building automation systems in EIB (KNX) standards


Opening of the new registered office at 1, Błękitna street in Białystok


Introduction of building automation systems based on LON and BACnet transmission protocols


Opening of the new assembly plant of electric switchgears and automation in Choroszcz


The beginnings of Solar Energy Department and first photovoltaic installation


The construction of CORAL’s photovoltaic power plant 340 kW


The construction of the first photovoltaic plant with the power of 1 MW


Coral obtains accreditation from Technical Supervision Office for conducting photovoltaic training courses


Coral constructs the first 1 MW photovoltaic plant in Poland, functioning in the auction system of support



Having been present for over twenty years on the market of electric, telecommunication and information technologies, we know that all our works must be based on precise understanding of the customers’ needs. We spare no effort to fulfill our customers’ expectations.

The best quality measure of our work is our customers’ satisfaction.

Every customer must be serviced in the best possible way, using our experience, technical knowledge and our employees’ commitment. All our orders are and will always be completed earnestly, effectively and on time. Every stage of the works should be understandable to our customers and its effects – verified and evaluated.

We provide a full service of the contracts in:

The design process

Obtaining the necessary agreements and permits

Installation, including the selection of devices

Warranty and post-warranty service

Maintenance services

Sale of specialist equipment

Our staff members possess the qualifications which are necessary in the design and installation processes. Moreover, the workers who select the appliances and equipment and those who work in the installation process, have completed specialist courses organized by the producers of the technologies we use.

We treat constant technical and personal development as well as improvement of our working methods as our moral duties.





Coral is a partner financing the scholarship program of the Diamond Explorers’ Society



Coral belongs to a group of Friends of the Białystok Walking Pilgrimage to Częstochowa. We are happy to help organize one of the longest walking pilgrimages in Poland. Everyone who is interested in this unusual way of spending vacation should go to

In 2009 Coral sponsored the tour of the USA of Jagiellonia football players over 30. The footballers took part in the 24th Cup of Polish Community in the USA. They were also the stars of ‘the weekend with Jagiellonia’ in Chicago. The team was invited by Polonia New York Soccer Club and one of the oldest Polish clubs in the USA – AAC Eagles Chicago. The tour was an excellent opportunity to promote the club from Białystok in the USA.

The man is great not because of what he has but because of what he shares with others. John Paul II

The reward for the good is the fact that it could have been done. Seneca

All the goodness makes a man better. Stanisław Kowalski

We really live only when we feel people’s kindness. J. W. Goethe



At present, we are looking for ambitious, hard-working, creative and persistent employees.

Ability to work in a team, being open to changes, proper qualifications as well as willingness to improve them are the features we value most in our present and future workers.

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