Coral is implementing the project WND-RPPD.05.01.00-20-0083/15 entitled ‘Popularizing renewable energy sources through the photovoltaic farm investment and educational action of Coral’, subsidized within the Regional Operational Programme of Podlasie Voivodship for the years 2014-2020, Axis V. Low-emission economy, Action 5.1 Energy based on renewable sources.

The objective of the project: Construction of a power plant which will enable the increase of production of energy from renewable resources.

Predicted results:

  • Increasing the volume of energy produced from renewable energy sources
  • Decline of emission of greenhouse gases
  • Lowering the country’s costs connected with purchase of the emission licence
  • Reduction of harm caused by emission
  • Improvement of energy safety
  • Development of local inter-sector cooperation
  • New ‘eco’ vacancies

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