Marina Mokotów covers the area of 21.5 hectares. The housing estate includes 14 residential buildings housing 1027 flats, 24 apartment buildings with 420 apartments, 54 semi-detached houses and 10 residences. Over a half of the estate is covered with parks, secluded spots and an enchanting lake. The range of Marina Mokotów venture may be compared to such significant architectural projects as Saska Kępa or Żoliborz Oficerski.

Only reliable and experienced contractors, one of them being Coral, were employed in the construction of Marina Mokotów. Coral is an extensive contractor of electronic security systems for the whole estate as well as the producer and supplier of electric switchboards used in the first stage of the construction. On account of the prestigious character of the Investment, particular emphasis was put on the inhabitants’ safety, with regard to both life and property protection.

The range of works executed by Coral includes all the security systems, i.e.:

  • Fire signalling system including all the garages in the buildings. The installation is based on GE Interlogix devices with fire control panels joined in a network with the use of fibre-optic bus. The information about all the systems’ state is sent to the monitoring centre and in case of fire, it is automatically sent to the fire emergency services.
  • The system of smoke-exhaust in staircases.
  • Carbon monoxide detection system in underground garages.
  • Video surveillance system including the housing estate, its entrances and exits and the garages. All the vision signals are transmitted through the fibre-optic network, dedicated only to the security systems.
  • Access control system including all the entrances to the estate as well as the entrances to each of the estate sectors, to the garages and to the staircases. The system is based on GE Interlogix devices joined in a fibre-optic network and totally controlled from the monitoring centre.
  • Hold-up/Intrusion alarm system of the rooms with technical equipment.
  • The system controlling the state of the alarm systems in individual apartments.
  • The system monitoring opening the doors of technical devices such as meters, electric switchboards etc.
  • Interphone and video interphone systems.
  • Integrated monitoring centre of all the estate security systems.
  • Fibre-optic network dedicated to the estate security systems.

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