Plac Unii consists of three buildings joined by a glass roof, placed thirty metres above the ground. A 90-metre-tall tower, inspired by one of the first skyscrapers in the world, is placed between two 6-storey buildings, situated along Boya-Żeleńskiego and Puławska streets. The buildings house a shopping centre (of over 15.5 thousand sq m) with a supermarket and an office centre with the surface of over 41 thousand sq m in A+ standard.

We installed all the security systems in the building. Their size may be described as unusually big and their integrity level – extraordinarily high, due to the enormity of the building.

  1. Fire alarm system.
  2. Sound signaling system.
  3. Access control system.
  4. Video surveillance system.
  5. CO detection system.
  6. Software for security systems management.


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